Claymore wind 01

Claymore "The Muscle"


Claymore is a positive, playful and sometimes even compassionate Scavenger, often found skipping through lava fields picking up anything he deems valuable, shiny, or fits nicely in his pockets. ...but don't let his cheerful demeanour fool you, Claymore is a ruthless and brutal killer, and will shut down anyone who threatens him or his fellow Scavengers.


Claymore spent a good portion of his early adult life serving his local military as a mechanic and soldier. When tension died down in his platoon, Claymore was recruited in a more specialised merc company where he was recognised as some kind of engineering savant. 

Over the years this mercenary company's lack of morals began to grate on Claymore as his traditional values often clashed with the company's self righteous and exploitative natures . Eventually Claymore had had enough and left the company shaming those within who he saw as corrupt. This did not sit well with his former comrades. 

The events that followed haunt Claymore to this day. Claymores actions, though heavily provoked, were excessive, and led to the disbandment of the entire company, and Claymores ultimate refuge in The Scarlet Wastes.

Claymore Now. 

Claymore is now a shattered vision of his former self. The wasteland and its unpredictable nature keeps Claymore's troubled mind occupied, and has given rise to Claymores seemingly over positive nature. He even seems to actively seek out and sometimes enjoy the randomness and strangeness of The Wastes he now calls home. 


Claymore in his element.

"Things make sense here." - Claymore

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